During a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London earlier this week, Jessie J was frank about a personal topic. The singer told her fans that doctors have informed her that she can not have children.

According to the British newspaper Metro she let her fans know that one of her new song, Four Letter Word, is about her desire to have children.

“I do not tell you to get sympathy, I am one of the millions of women and men who are struggling with this, I wanted to write this song for myself when I was sad, to cheer myself up, but also to give people something to listen when they have a hard time “, said J.


Now known about what Jessie J shared during the concert, the Instagram post of her new love Channing Tatum is clear after that evening. In the message in which he confirmed their relationship, the actor said in a photo of the performance: “This woman just poured her heart on the Royal Albert Hall stage, and whoever was here witnessed something special, Wow.”