Emilia Clarke would no longer be a heart to take! While complaining about not finding love, the Game of Thrones star seems to have fallen for a charming young man. Find out!

Emilia Clarke finally sees life in pink after her split with Charlie McDowell in 2019! After declaring that she despaired of not finding love , the star of Game of Thrones seems to have granted her wish. Indeed, the beautiful brunette would have fallen for a young man for several weeks. It would be Tom Turner , a former assistant director who does not lack charm.

Tom Turner is a self-portrait producer / director / editor. A fan of shooting with fixed focal length lenses, Tom recently directed an advertising campaign for Greene King IPA and filmed scenes from the doc C4 series “Extremely British Muslims”. His charming and curious personality, his engaged approach and his skills as a cameraman and editor make him a good candidate for filming sensitive documentaries.

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The news was announced by The Sun and the Daily Mail ! The two media have unveiled photos of Emilia Clarke with Tom Turner. The ex-performer of Daenerys Targaryen was walking with the latter and with her dog this week. Besides, their love for animals was a great advantage for the beginning of their relationship.

Emilia and Tom hit it off really well. He’s already quite enamored with her and sees a long term future between them.

a source told the Daily Mail .

This is not the first time that Tom Turner has fallen for a celebrity. Before Emilia Clarke, the young man had a love affair with Rebecca Ferguson, the heroine of Mission Impossible .

He was dating Rebecca but they separated because she was a little older than him.

added the same source.