Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known simply as Rihanna, is a Barbadian singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, diplomat, writer, and philanthropist who has wowed the world with her new promotional video for her beauty products.

The beauty of the 32-year-old singer is undeniable. Rihanna was accompanied by her friends Lil Nas X and ASAP Rocky for the promotional video for her new makeup line. Set in a pool and on a sunny day, the singer and businesswoman looked spectacular and brutally sexy for this premiere production.

Among women proud of their image, fun and wet skin, the ‘Fenty Skin’ line is known as ‘the new culture of skin care’.

And, as is her custom, the interpreter of “Work” and “Take a bow” shocked her millions of followers when she saw her sensual and very smiling at the launch of her skin products. Her flawless complexion and every pore on her skin left more than one in love. 

The video, set to music with the song “Stellar Jungle,” features models from all racial backgrounds.

Rihanna is considered a pioneer in the field of cosmetics when she launched Fenty Beauty in 2017. According to several reports, she was the first to produce a wide range of 40 shades of her Pro Filt’R base, in addition to 50 concealer shades and is, last but not least, the richest singer in the world, with a fortune of 600 million dollars, according to “Forbes”. 

“Damn. A rude business woman. See how she brought in men to show that skincare is genderless. Genius,” wrote one of her followers, and Rihanna is one of the celebrities who has vowed to support the gender equality and is totally against embarrassing people by the nature of their bodies. The singer also supports causes such as the fight to find the Covid-19 vaccine.