The creator of Tesla has set a new trend in the automotive industry.

In late November, Tesla unveiled its new Cybertruck retro-futuristic electric car. And yesterday, the paparazzi first photographed it on the streets of Los Angeles, at the wheel of the pickup was its creator – Elon Musk. The developer decided to “walk” the new car in the company of his girlfriend, singer Grimes, whom he had been dating for 1.5 years. Together they went for dinner with friends at one of the Malibu restaurants.

Like everything that Elon Musk touches, Cybertruck has already managed to become the most talked about car innovation. The cost of the car, depending on the configuration, will be 40, 50 and 70 thousand dollars. The pickup body is made of steel, as are SpaceX spaceships, and the glass is armored. The car is called a “workhorse”, as it can be equipped with a solar battery, act as a mobile power station (you can, for example, charge an electric saw from it), an ATV can drive into the car body, and these are not the only “tricks” of the new brainchild of Mask. It is known that the Dubai police plans to completely transfer to pickup trucks of unusual design. Tesla has already received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for the new model.