Prince Anders, the character played by actor Billy Magnussen in the film Aladdin , will get his own series on Disney +. Disney confirmed this to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday .

Prince Anders is the somewhat stupid prince of the fictional land of Skanland, who tried in vain to marry Princess Jasmine. The character was invented for the liveaction film (2019) of Disney’s cartoon classic Aladdin . In the series, Prince Anders will be played again by Magnussen.

‘Only the only white character gets a follow-up series’

Many fans have indicated on Twitter that they are not happy that the character Prince Anders is getting a follow-up series. The prince only appears in a few scenes from Aladdin , and is also one of the few white characters in the film. According to the angry fans, the choice for Prince Anders illustrates the fact that non-white actors are finding it harder to find work in Hollywood.

Mena Massoud, the Canadian-Egyptian actor who played Aladdin, came in the news earlier this week after he told in an interview with The Daily Beast that despite Aladdin ‘s success, he has difficulty finding new roles.

“I want people to know that when you play in a movie like Aladdin it is not always pink and moonshine . People think I have earned millions, that I am now all offered roles. But none of that is true. I have none audition since Aladdin came out “, Massoud said.