An elderly man was mistreated after a traffic quarrel in the American state of Minnesota. The perpetrator followed him to his house and hit it.

The victim suddenly had to brake while driving because of a traffic situation for him. The driver of the car behind him was clearly not happy about it. He started to drive aggressively and challenge the victim.

The older man then thought he had lost his attacker and drove home. There he was suddenly attacked by the man who hit him on his head several times. The abuse lasted about a minute, then the perpetrator asked if he had “had enough” and left. 


The victim sustained several broken bones and had to put a number of stitches in his face. According to the police, the perpetrator is a man of around 35 years with short-shaven hair. 

“Someone who attacks an elderly person in such a way is clearly a danger to society,” the police say in a Facebook message. They call witnesses to sign up