Taxi drivers are planning an attack on Uber’s head office in Amsterdam. They accuse the internet carrier of unfair competition and want to ‘storm in’ Uber with fire bombs. The police have the matter under investigation. Uber takes measures.

The attack on the Uber office in Amsterdam is scheduled for March 20 at 16:00, according to a recent call in the Telegram service. “Everything and everyone is welcome. Bring your bricks, fireworks and molotovs with you! “

This newspaper discovered the call in the Telegram group ‘WegMetUber’, which was founded at the beginning of February and now has about 300 anonymous members. Behind the call is a group of angry Amsterdam taxi drivers, insiders from that branch report. They believe that internet service Uber unfairly competes with the regular taxi industry.

Members also include Uber drivers who disagree with the company’s committees. Recently they were increased to 25 percent of the fare. ,, The customer is king and the drivers are k ** dogs and slaves. Uber is getting more and more blood from my nails, “it sounds.

Causing trouble

By causing as much unrest as possible, the initiators say they hope for a ban from Uber in the Netherlands, as happened recently in London. Reference is also made to Uber riots in Paris. Demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails there and Uber taxis went up in flames. The riots led to the private taxi service UberPOP being banned in France.

The Amsterdam police say they are aware of the call. ,, We are investigating the case, “says spokesperson Frans Zuiderhoek. “There may be several criminal offenses, including incitement to the penetration of someone else’s property.”

Uber also says he has been alerted to the call. ,, We are in close contact with the police in Amsterdam, “says a spokeswoman. Uber hopes to calm down emotions among drivers by conducting round-table discussions.