The infamous Sheeranville, which currently includes 5 million of Ed Sheeran’s real estate empire of 67 million, is about to get even bigger. The British singer has plans to create his own forest.

Ed Sheeran (29) has big plans for his home – already more of his own village – in Suffolk. He wants to create an entire forest to make his estate ‘greener’ and ‘more environmentally friendly’. “It will cost tens of thousands of euros, but both Ed and his wife Cherry are very concerned with the environment lately,” said a friend of the singer. “They want to reduce their footprint by offsetting their built-up area with a few hectares of afforestation. Within a few years that forest will also be nice for their daughter, Lyra Antarctica, who will be able to play there to his heart’s content. ”

There is a lot to compensate for: in Sheeranville there is a swimming pool, a pub, an outdoor kitchen, a gym, a campfire, a recording studio, a gigantic garden and a large guest house. 

Ed now has an impressive real estate empire of no fewer than 29 properties, with a value of 67 million euros. And he always paid that in cash. No problem, because the singer has about 224 million euros in his account.

During the lockdown, Ed bought two new properties for 5 million euros in total. As usual, he didn’t feel like – and no reason – to pay off a mortgage this time either. The singer’s dream is to buy up all the properties in his neighborhood so that he can live with his family in complete privacy.