Showtime announced on Wednesday that a reboot of the popular horror series Dexter is coming . Actor Michael C. Hall plays the lead role again, reports film site Deadline .

Dexter was broadcast on the American Showtime and was shown in the Netherlands on the VPRO. The series ended in 2013 after eight seasons.

The series follows the life of blood spatter pattern researcher Dexter Morgan, who works for the police department for the homicide department. He analyzes the crime scenes, but is now himself a serial killer who takes revenge on perpetrators and murderers who escape their punishment.

Showtime informed Deadline that the company only wanted to make a sequel to the series if there was a creative approach.

Michael C. Hall, who played the role of Dexter Morgan, reprises this role in the reboot. It is now also clear that Clyde Phillips will write the story. He has been involved in previous seasons.

The reboot consists of ten episodes and should go into production in early 2021. The new season may appear in the autumn of 2021.