On Tuesday, actress Kate Hudson (41) was a guest in the Goop podcast of fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow (48). The two ladies quickly fell out of school and exchanged their best and worst experiences with kissing scenes. 

“Who was the best kisser on the big screen?” Gwyneth Paltrow demanded from her guest. “You know, I don’t really think I had the best kissers,” the blonde actress replied. “I feel like I should have had better.” 

Quite a few kissing scenes happened with actor Matthew McConaughey, Kate continued. “Whenever I kiss McConaughey, something happens,” she sighed. “Then there is wind, or snot … Like at the end of ‘Fool’s Gold’ and we had to kiss in the ocean after a plane crash. snot all over his face. ” 

Gwyneth also had some lesser kissing experiences on set. “For example with Robert (Downey Jr., with whom she played in the ‘Avengers’ film series, ed.). I kissed him and thought to myself, “This must be a joke.” It really felt like I was going to kiss my brother. ” 

Fortunately, there were also positive experiences. “Do you know who was a good kisser?” Kate asked her colleague. “Billy Crudup (with whom she played in ‘Almost Famous’, ed.). Billy was very good. That was a good kiss. ”Unfortunately, that kiss never made it onto the screen, because the scene was cut from the movie.