The Chinese blockbuster starring The Rock in a building in flames did not miss the ball of the trailers that animated the half-time Super Bowl. Through his first trailer, Skyscraper shows us a Dwayne Johnson ready to break mouths and grind his teeth to save his family. Even if he has to defy the laws of physics for that.

After a prolific year 2017 for the American-Canadian actor, with no less than three films indoors, Dwayne Johnson does not intend to release the pressure in 2018. We want to prove the first trailer of Skyscraper , action movie Chinese in which he plays a retired FBI agent, who became a security guard in a skyscraper.

In this film with the false airs of Die Hard, The Rock must help his family taken hostage by a band of superarmed mercenaries. And to do this, the actor equipped with a prosthetic leg is not afraid to jump from a crane to reach a particular floor (even if this is physically impossible), or still fight with the fire ax.

In the cast, we find among others Neve Campbell ( House of Cards ), Chin han ( Dark Knight) and Noah Taylor ( Peaky Blinders ). The realization and scenario is the responsibility of Rawson Thurber ( Dodgeball, Central Intelligence ). Skyscraper is scheduled for July 13th.