For the first time in 20 years, HBO has released the checkbook to afford 30 (very expensive) seconds of advertising during the halftime of the Super Bowl. The American channel took advantage of the interruption of the match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles to unveil a short trailer of the second season of Westworld, while specifying its release date. Attention, this text contains spoilers (of the first season).

The Wild West-themed amusement park filled with rebel androids will open again on April 22. That’s what Westworld’s Season 2 trailer, broadcast last night at the half-time Super Bowl, tells us.

To make things big, Jonathan Nolan, showrunner of the SF series of HBO, has made a series of exclusive scenes, which will not appear in the coming season, to reveal too much the future plot.

Anyway this trailer leaves us few doubts about what we reserve season 2. After their awareness, androids are on the path of war, determined to keep control of the park and to avenge humanity.