On the occasion of the 2018 Super Bowl, a new commercial for Infinity War was broadcast tonight to US viewers. The latter is now visible everywhere on the internet. On the program, some unpublished images, but nothing very new.

This is the most anticipated film of the year 2018. Absolute geek fantasy and unprecedented show on paper, the film Marvel and Disney will bring together a cast of super heroes hallucinating and never seen before to unite against the titan Thanos. Broadcasted during the night of February 4 to 5, the new images of the long-awaited film unveil however very little. The great novelty is the new design of the shield of Captain America (which has obviously passed a small revision in the Kingdom of Wakanda), which we will think what we want. Moreover, some other unpublished plans of relative interest are revealed to us. We note here the very brief presence of a Spider man in action that brings down the mask, a collective action between Iron Man and Doctor Strange, and a blonde Scarlett Johansson with hair in the wind and visibly ready to go into battle.

This is the film of all expectations for many spectators and fans who have made it a “religion”. And without doubt one of the works that will be the most commented this year. However, it is difficult to think that we will witness here the return of the king of the movie of superheroes to the vision of the first images (design of Thanos for the moment very poor, scenes of battles already seen elsewhere, choice of televisual photography …).

If we hope to discover a blockbuster and a Marvel a little more exhilarating than the average, we must not and will not have to place all his expectations in this third Avengers. If the second opus of Joss Whedon had disappointed in its release despite a great success at the box office, because of its nature of transition film in particular, this third feature could also leave this bitter taste in the mouth by finally deciding than to prepare again and again the final confrontation against Thanos (which should take place in episode 4?).

It will also be necessary to prepare for a small change of style with the brothers Russo with the order which prefers the “realism” with big quotes that the imaginary pure and hard (to see or to reconsider the change of tone between Captain America 1 and 2) . It also remains to be seen if the film will be a game changer like the first album in his time that had modified the Hollywood specifications with his frenetic humor and its staging approximate.

While waiting to discover the footage that will be released on April 25 in France, know that Black Panther (which, as is now the case every time a novelty Marvel comes out, scooped a dithyrambic American press) will be in theaters February 14, 2018.