In duplex from the headquarters of NASA in Washington, the American actor discussed for 20 minutes with the American astronaut Nick Hague.

Brad Pitt called the International Space Station on Monday, and the conversation with US astronaut Nick Hague soon turned to the unintended consequences of weightlessness.

“The horn of my feet has quickly disappeared because I no longer walk on the soles of my feet,” said Nick Hague, who currently occupies the ISS with two other Americans, two Russians and one Italian. “But I have calluses on the top of the foot, on the big toe, because I’m constantly clinging to things with the big toe.”

“It’s one of the many weird things we do not think about Earth,” said the astronaut. “It’s amazing,” said Brad Pitt.

The American actor was in duplex from NASA headquarters in Washington, for this 20-minute conversation broadcast on NASA TV, while he promotes the film Ad Astra , in which he plays an astronaut launched on a risky mission on the edge of the solar system.

“Let’s talk about me, we looked good” Our weightlessness was successful? “, Began by asking the actor. “It was very good,” said the astronaut.

Then he asked him about the rhythm of life on board (they work from 7:30 to 19:30), who controlled the music (“We turn”) or if the astronauts had observed the failed landing attempt of a moon. Indian probe recently (“Unfortunately no”).

In the end, the actor called on Nick Hague’s expertise to answer this question: “Who was the most credible, Clooney [for his role in Gravity , Ed]  or Pitt?”. “You of course,” replied the astronaut.