Or a good example of how quotes taken out of context give rise to memes.

The White House hosted a summit on social networks, in which US President Donald Trump became one of the main speakers. A fragment of a speech by a politician and a businessman on Twitter led by Yahoo News correspondent Hunter Walker.

Arnold Schwarzenegger … Do you know what? He died … I was there

– Reported the words of Donald journalist.

The reaction of the Internet was not long in coming, moreover, the 71-year-old and more than a living actor himself answered first:

I’m still here.¬†Want to compare our tax returns, Donald Trump?

It turned out that Trump had in mind not the physical death of Schwarzenegger. He spoke about the low ratings of the actor on television and its diminishing popularity.And Donald, and Arnold at various times led the show “Pupil”. The actor replaced the entrepreneur at the leading post after the first decided to run for president. And Trump remembered that the ratings with him were higher than with the bodybuilder in the frame.