Crissy Teigen is the best example of bodypositive.

A photograph from the rest of Chrissy and John with children in Italy, which is discussed on Twitter.

The model has never been afraid of criticism, and sometimes has itself shown the flaws of the figures. So, after the birth of Luna’s daughter, Chrissy  posted a photo of her leg, covered with numerous stretch marks. Signed the picture briefly: “Well, okay.”Fans of the model thanked her for her frankness and called her a role model. After the birth of her second child, Chrissy was published in a rather immodest dress without underwear, which again caused a violent reaction from bodyshamers.

I know a lot of people who have amazing bodies, they are proud of them and spread to the network. But I also know a lot of women whose bodies usually look – and they are amazing too. I still can not say that I am completely confident in myself. That would be a lie. But I’m just glad that I can post this photo and help someone feel better,

– wrote Crissy, having published a photo in underwear after the appearance of her second child.