If the news is confirmed, it could be the biggest industrial ad affecting Hollywood in 2017. Indeed, Disney could be about to buy the 21st Century Fox.

CNBC unveiled the pot-aux-roses: the two entities have been in discussions for several weeks now. The negotiations are currently at a standstill following major disagreements between the two firms, but could / should be renewed soon. Neither Disney nor Fox commented on the new release by CNBC.

 If that were to be confirmed, it would be a hell of a revolution, which would see Disney sitting on its all-powerful stance. Such absorption might seem surreal, risky, or likely to engender an uncontrollable Golem, but makes sense in the current industrial climate.

Indeed, Disney intends to start its SVOD business in 2018 and consolidate heavily since 2019. This is a very short time to acquire a sufficiently dense and technically developed catalog to reach international audiences, while The competition is as tough as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, already well established.

Fox owns an important catalog, including several Marvel brands such as the X-Men, and also identified sagas of the public as AlienAvatar  (which has become an attraction in Disney parks precisely), and the old episodes of  Star Wars. Better: Fox owns 39% of the catalog Sky, television operator very well established in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Europe in general, territory that is currently the target of the studio, decided to strengthen its presence.

While Apple has formalized investments to the tune of billions to engage in the dissemination and production of content, in France, operators such as Altice or Orange intend to quickly pass in front of a flickering Canal +, all actors the market re-evaluate their positions and strategy.

Ryan Reynolds, a  Fox-born Deadpool performer and not very much Mickey at heart, reacted to the thing on Twitter, wondering, ” If that’s true, I wonder how it could affect Deadpool? “.