Planet People is boiling, since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spotted together and the singer would have broken up with The Weeknd. So what’s really going on? There are new details.

Selena Gomez “dropped” by The Weeknd?The decision is made for months! Since the singer was spotted with Justin Bieber, the entire planet People lives to the rhythm of Jelena’s rumors. And inevitably, that implies The Weeknd. After almost a year of relationship, Selly and Abel would have broken up. Why ? Because the singer would always be in love with Justin Bieber. A source reportedly told US Weekly:“The ball is in Selena’s camp now, she was happy with The Weeknd, but most of her heart has always been with Justin, she needs to figure out what she wants, Justin really wants to get back to Selena. did not stop sending him messages and he was spending time with her whenever he had the opportunity.Selena insisted that they were only friends and that The Weeknd had no she’s worried, but she can not deny that she’s still in love with Justin, she can not let him go. ” For RadarOnline, the sound of the bell is pretty much the same.

“She’s done with The Weeknd and she’s not listening to anyone, she’s in love with Justin and always will be, there’s nothing that people can do or say that will change that.” Never, his family and friends want him the best and pray that Justin will not hurt him yet. ” The US media are several to involve Selena’s family in this buzz. Wrong or right? Mystery and gumdrop. For the moment, there is no evidence that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in couples again or will be in the near future. Maybe they’ll just be friends, who knows? 😉 In any case, faced with criticism, the singer does not hesitate to defend himself:  Justin Bieber violently criticized by the family of Selena Gomez, he responds. So, Jelena fans?