After another brawl, the couple was sentenced …

Jocelyn Wildenstein, known as the cat woman because of her multiple plastic surgery operations, was sentenced, along with her husband Lloyd Klein, to a removal order after their fight on November 5, 2017.

As reports, Jocelyn Wildenstein (77) and Llyod Klein (50) are now prohibited from approaching each other for an indefinite period. This court decision comes a few days after their fight, in a New York apartment, triggered following a dispute over a dish that would have broken in the oven … The two terrible lovers, who have already fought in the past, each had to go to the hospital to treat their respective wounds after being arrested by the police.

The only hitch in this decision is that they both own an apartment in this luxury building and they may cross, if only in the hallway or elevator … Lloyd’s lawyer Klein told TMZ that several apartments separate them and that they can access the residence through two different entrances.