The purchase of 21th Century Fox by Disney, submitted for months to bitter discussions, probably comes to know his epilogue. It is now almost official, with a fixed price. And all that that engenders for the society already holding the rights of Star Wars , among others …

After Marvel in 2009 and Lucas films (Star Wars) in 2012, Disney has taken a first step in the formalization of its purchase of the Fox.

Indeed, after months of discussions, The Walt Disney Company, should ultimately buy the Fox for $ 71.3 billion . A decision came late last Friday after the Fox and Disney shareholders agreed on the amount proposed. A buy-out that should be finalized by 2019.

Recall that initially, a first offer of 52.4 billion dollars had been made by Disney, but Comcast, another giant (cable operator) of the sector had put himself in the ranks by increasing the sum, precisely to 65 billion of dollars.

A week later, Disney had proposed $ 71.3 billion. An offer that has officially been approved by shareholders, in space we are told, 8 minutes …

With this acquisition, Disney is collecting in its wallet as prestigious licenses as … Avatar, Alien, The Simpsons, The Planet of the Monkeys, X-Men, Deadpool, Kingsman, The Ice Age, X-Files, Taken, Titanic... In short, that beautiful people!

Be careful, however, because all the Fox is not bought in this financial “deal”. If Disney buys the Fox movie studios well, the group also acquires Sky, FX and National Geographic, or the Hulu streaming platform.

But the Fox group will retain Fox News, its television channel, or Wall Street Journal and news agency DowJones.

In this huge project, Disney will also have to sell 22 local sports channels from 21st Century Fox. “But the approval of the regulatory authorities of several other countries are still needed to finalize the case.”