Netflix obviously likes Andy Serkis a lot because the actor / director will also be offering his film adaptation of the novel Farm Animals.

A few days ago, Netflix was recovering Warner Bros. the broadcasting rights of Mowgli , Andy Serkis’ dark adaptation of The Book of the Jungle, which will finally come online in 2019 rather than in cinemas at the end of 2018. Today, the streaming service shows even more its confidence in the world. actor specialized in motion capture by acquiring the rights of his film adaptation of the satirical novel  La Ferme des Animaux .

A cult novel that deserves a modern adaptation

Always as much news ( a video game adaptation was also announced in September 2017 ) despite the original inspiration necessarily a little dated (totalitarianism and the Russian revolution of 1917), George Orwell’s novel of 1945 is interested for memory at a farm where a group of animals rebels against humans for their independence. If the beginning tends towards utopia, quickly a pig named Napoleon takes the upper hand and eliminates its rivals declaring in particular “all the animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

The Animal Farm will be modernized

Andy Serkis will be the realization of this adaptation in performance capture for the big screen (finally the screen that you use for Netflix, suddenly), while Matt Reeves (who has already worked with Serkis on the saga The Planet of the Apes ) will be producing alongside Jonathan Cavendish.