The ex-husband of the King’s daughter claims that he did not understand what he signed when she submitted their marriage contract and wants to cancel it …

The King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley , and Michael Lockwood, her ex-husband, clash in a court battle over their marriage contract. Michael Lockwood claims that he did not know what he was signing, while according to documents obtained by The Blast , his ex-wife says he “was fully aware” of the terms of the agreement and that he was “represented by an advisor”, with “the opportunity to negotiate the contract”.



She accuses him of “feigning amnesia”.

No common good

The terms of this contract are indeed to the benefit of Elvis Presley’s daughter to protect her inheritance: “any property acquired or owned by (Lisa Marie Presley), whether acquired before or after the date of the marriage remain the property of (Lisa Marie Presley), and (Michael Lockwood) will not be able to claim it “.



Happy Birthday dad

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