Leonardo DiCaprio talks to Steven Spielberg about a biopic about US President Ulysses S. Grant. The actor is a producer of the project, and would like Spielberg to direct the film.


According to The Wrap, DiCaprio himself would have an ear to get into the skin of Grant, who was president of the US from 1869 to 1877. The film is based on the book Grant , which came out in 2017 and put the popular leader in a more positive light than is generally assumed.

Spielberg and DiCaprio have worked together before: in 2002 they made Catch Me If You Can. The film, about the life of crook Frank Abagnale, was a hit at the time.

If the two go together again, it will take a while before the biopic comes off the ground. Spielberg first has the fifth Indiana Jones film and a West Side Story remake on the agenda. He also recently signed for his first superhero film, around the DC Comics character Blackhawk. DiCaprio is currently working on Tarantino project Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.