32-year-old model Chrissie Taygen gave birth to a second child from her husband, the singer John Legend: she gave birth to a boy. The name and weight of the newborn have not yet been disclosed. 

On the page of the model in the social network, the following message appeared: “Something is already here-ee-e!”. And next to the icon “emoji” – a baby bottle and “smiles”.

Krissy, a close friend of Kim Kadashian, gave birth a little before the time – her child was scheduled to appear in June. Curiously, just a week ago the model complained that it was terribly tired to “be in position”. “Soon, Chrissie Tagen will no longer be pregnant … How I dream of hugging my baby soon!” – said then Chrissy. And she joked: it seems to her that she has been carrying a son for three years, no less! Tagen explained that, perhaps, the pregnancy seemed so long to her because she knew about her from the very first day. “The fact is that thanks to ECO, you can now be sure that” in position “after 11 days!” – then declared the model, thus giving out information that she was helped to conceive a child by “replanting”.

About the fact that she is pregnant, Chrissie reported back in November. Then she shared a funny video. On it, a voice-over asks the 2-year-old Moon, the eldest daughter of Teigen and Legend . “And who do we have here?” And the baby’s daddy points at Chrissy’s not quite flat stomach. “This is a child!” – Luna answers the angel’s voice. As Legend explained later, the girl, most likely, does not yet fully understand what is happening, but is happy with her parents. “Nothing, she will figure it out yet! She will have enough time for this! “John shared with a smile.