The first preview of the latest episode of the Death Race series has been launched.

There seems to be a demand for the Death Race series, and the studio also sees potential in it, as Universal Pictures has also produced a fourth episode. While the first part of the Death Row was a fairly crafty piece of work with the starring role of Jason Statham, the two films that followed were merely DVD-only works, yet somehow managed to achieve a moderate success. This formula is followed by the latest chapter, as the section on the Beyond Anarchy subsection also comes straight to DVD shelves and digital platforms soon.

 Zach McGowan is a new arckist, who has made the popular pirate Charles Vanet of Black Sails and Danny Glover of the Deadly Weapon Films. There will be no shortage of familiar faces in the film, as Danny Trejo and Fred Koehler also return to the previous sections. Death Race: Beyond Anarchy arrives on January 30th exclusively for digital, Blu-Ray and DVD.