Girl or boy, the mystery is up.

Jessica Alba shares everything with her 11.6 million Instagram followers. Pregnant with her third child, an official pregnancy on the social network in the company of her two daughters Honor and Haven, the famous actress and businesswoman of 36, revealed the sex of her baby. This time it will be a little boy for the future mother and her husband Cash Warren who must be thrilled to discover life in blue for the first time.

Happy to share this great news with her fans, Jessica Alba shared a video on her Instagram page on which we discover her opening a box with her girls from which blue confetti come out. ” Cash and I could not be happier to announce …, ” she says.


Currently living in New York with her husband, they live in Los Angeles, Jessica Alba has confided on the upcoming and much-anticipated arrival of this little boy to Jimmy Fallon for his talk show The Starring Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon. ” We are very happy, ” she shared. ” It’s going to be quite a story, ” added the star, who until then had been used to taking care of girls with 9-year-old Honor Marie and 6-year- old Haven Garner.

Because Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are followers of the first names in H, Jimmy Fallon has made proposals to them: Hermit and Hardy. But future parents already seem to have some idea of how they will call their little boy.

Jessica Alba announced by surprise this new pregnancy last July. ” @cash_warren and I are officially about to be outnumbered bébéàbord # # # estreparti this blessed”, had she posted on Instagram. A great ad with a short film shot during his family vacation in Hawaii. Since then, the co-founder of Honest Company and creator of the cosmetics brand Honest Beauty exposes the evolution of her pregnancy, as with this photo of her pretty round belly.