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Anna Faris is open-hearted in her book “Unqualified”.

Two months after the announcement of her divorce, Anna Faris, 40, released her first autobiography called “Unqualified”. In this book, she obviously evokes her life with Chris Pratt and remembers their meeting, which took place on the shooting of the movie “Take Me Home Tonight” in 2007. At the time, Anna was married to actor Ben Indra.

Actress Anna Faris participates in the BUILD Speaker Series to discuss her new memoir, “Unqualified”, at AOL Studios on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

“When I met Chris for the first time, what struck me was how he managed to make me happy and how he could turn all the bad days.” But while her husband comes to visit him on the set, her partner in the movie, Topher Grace, says, “What are you doing with this guy?”

After eight years of relationship and four years of marriage, Anna dropped Ben on the phone. “Soon after, I knocked on Chris’ door and said, Hey, I’m ready to do something wrong,” recalls the actress. “I could not deny how I felt about him, I was madly in love.” She adds: “So, of course, I can say I waited to leave Ben to sleep with Chris, but there is nothing to celebrate, it does not make me heroic, I desperately wanted to (. ..) Even though I have not been unfaithful, I am not completely innocent either. ”

Mother of a little Jack since 2012, Anna has felt great pressure around her couple. In 2016, while the actor shares the poster of “Passengers” with Jennifer Lawrence, rumors of infidelity appear in the press. “I did not think it would affect me, but it was very hurtful,” says Anna in an extract unveiled by E! “Jennifer is my friend and she apologized to me for not doing anything wrong, she’s great, but obviously it’s horrible and humiliating to read that your husband is cheating on you is totally wrong, you still feel like an idiot. “