Cindy Crawford was pushed several times in the early years of her modeling career to pose nude. Fortunately, it did not lead to a #MeToo story, but the model regretted certain decisions that they have taken.


That is what Crawford has known in an interview with the magazine  Town And Country Magazine.

 I have posed many times naked and have no problem with that,” she says. “But when I was young, I had a few times to get over when I actually did not want to, I bump of that, especially now that both my son and daughter are model.I would find it terrible if they feel compelled to something that they do not want to do, I want them to do what they want, without anyone forcing them into something. ”

The 52-year-old Crawford carefully guides her children and ensures that they do not make any mistakes.

Guard dog

“They are, of course, registered at a modeling agency, which arranges all business matters, but nothing happens without my knowing about it,” Cindy chuckles.

“It’s my children, and certainly the first year that they worked, I was a kind of watchdog, and they like that too, they ask me regularly: Mom, tell me what to do, and in a few years they will it all by myself and I look proudly from the sidelines. ”