EXCLUSIVE: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's family dinner at an LA restaurant. 04 Apr 2018 Pictured: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. Photo credit: MEGA TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342

Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper from the very beginning of the novel led a closed way of life, and after the birth of her daughter, Leah became even more hiding from the public. But still, lovers sometimes fall into the paparazzi’s lenses. So, yesterday photographers shot a couple at the exit of a fashionable restaurant in Los Angeles. The stars were not alone: they were accompanied by the mother of the supermodel and her other relatives. Obviously, it was a family dinner, which was attended by close and native celebrities. Judging by the wide smiles of Shake and Cooper, the dinner was excellent, and everyone was in a good mood.

My daughter left the house this time. Baby, by the way, most recently celebrated her first birthday: March 21, the girl turned a year old. As parents celebrated this important date – it is not known, because 43-year-old Cooper and 32-year-old Shake, as we have already mentioned, do not dedicate the public to the details of their personal lives.

The actor somehow explained the reason for this behavior. Answering a question in one of the interviews, why he does not take his beloved woman with him to the red carpet, Cooper stated the following:

Yes, you are right, to go out together in the light – it’s so cool! It’s wonderful: bring someone to a place where crowds of people, where photographers will take every step you take, and journalists will ask hundreds of questions to turn all your answers the next day. No, no, no, and no again!

This explains why the supermodel still shines in the light of one. Maybe, now, when the couple, if you believe the rumors, married , everything will change?