The fact that Cindy Crawford is less tight than when she started her modeling career more than 30 years ago does not stop her from getting out of her clothes. The 53-year-old model consciously chooses to continue doing nude photography to show that beauty is something for all ages.

“It’s just another form of beauty”

The opinion of the American model is not shared by everyone, she recently found out after sharing snapshots of such a photo shoot on social media. “I remember a sour person – there are so many today – who said something like: why are you still doing this at your age,” Cindy said during an interview organized by WWD. “And I was like: is there an age when it’s no longer beautiful to be naked? It’s just another form of beauty.”

The model therefore finds it very important to continue with this. “That is why I still do reports.” However, Cindy admits that nowadays it takes a bit more time before she appears at her best in front of the cameras. “I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say that I need some viagra now. It takes more effort before I’m ready.”