The actress is convinced that generosity can change the world …..

Jennifer Garner wants us to be nice to each other. The actress has just announced that it was launching an initiative with the supermarket giant American Walmart to promote acts of selfless generosity. Ben Affleck’s ex- boyfriend encourages his fans and followers on social media to share everything they do for others, with the #SparkKindness hashtag.dia to share everything they do for others, with the #SparkKindness hashtag.

“One after the other, these acts of kindness improve our neighborhoods, bring us together and strengthen us as a community,” says Alias star in a video posted on social networks.

Jennifer Garner even gives examples of these very simple acts of generosity , which she says would change the world: to offer someone who needs it, to hold someone’s door, or even if we believe the promotional video of the initiative, dancing with a Walmart employee between shelves.

“Kindness is contagious, really. I can not wait to see what will happen, “concludes the star, quoted by People magazine.