Cheryl, formerly known as Cheryl Cole, has recently sought psychological help for her fears. The singer went into therapy, because she wanted to be able to fully focus on the education of her two-year-old son Bear.

“I think we all help each other with that”

In a candid interview with Radio One, she says that she has been “struggling in silence” with the problems for years, and she was no longer able to open herself up to friends and family. “I didn’t want me to be constantly busy with my fears, but I could focus on Bear’s upbringing,” Liam Payne’s 36-year-old ex reveals. “It felt like my responsibilities have shifted and my priorities have changed. I had to get it straight in my own head to give him the best I can.”

Cheryl, who broke off her relationship with Liam last summer after two years, found it important to be open about the help she had. “One of the problems with social media is that people show a certain image of themselves, a kind of facade. The result is that everyone thinks: why does everyone look so good and happy? And that doesn’t help.” That is why she hopes that people dare to be more open and honest about their feelings. “I think we all help each other with that.”