Britney Spears has just posted a short video on Instagram in which she claims to have lost a few extra pounds . “I just lost the two pounds I had to lose and that’s what I ate to get there,” said the singer. Indeed, the video is accompanied by a table on which there is a long list of problems, with fruits and vegetables that can help resolve them.

A diet that seems to work perfectly for Britney Spears , as evidenced by the text accompanying the publication. “I can not see, I have stress, asthma and migraines,” she lamented. So this picture helped me so much with these problems … and with my weight! “

The magic garden of Britney Spears

By browsing the table shared by the interpreter of Toxic , we will be surprised to learn that diabetes can be solved with carrots and spinach, and a cocktail of lemons and pineapple will overcome your arthritis. And in terms of weight, we can not deny that a diet based on fruits and vegetables remains a safe bet.

But before you cure your ulcer with celery, maybe go see a doctor. Just in case…