Kim Kardashian’s body has been a topic of conversation ever since she became known. It seems to change once in a while. Now too, according to a photo on Instagram. And her fans aren’t happy.

On Saturday Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself in a pink dress on Instagram. The reality star has clearly thrown a filter over the snapshot, but that makes her face look a lot different than normal. According to Kim the photo is from “about a year ago” and she found the picture when she was “cleaning up photos” in her phone. 

But her fans don’t believe this is her natural appearance. “How could this not have been photo-shoped?” and “What’s wrong with her face?” are a few of the responses to the photo. The reflection of the curtains in the background also seems to be incorrect. 

It is not the first time that Kim received criticism for her photo shopshots. The reality star and her famous family are often accused of editing their photos, making them look unrealistic.