The era of tolerance captures Western culture so much that the film industry and the entire show business as a whole are significantly changing in favor of the offended and insulted. The tendency to do everything as neutral as possible got to fashionable clothes, and here the singer Celine Dion entered the business. She released a gender-neutral collection of clothes for children and herself starred in her (admittedly, creepy) advertising.


As we know, Hollywood stars actively advocate for giving children complete freedom of expression. So, Angelina Jolie has a son instead of a girl Shilo, and Charlize Theron cannot look at her son David in dresses, calling him a daughter. Celine Dion decided that clothes should not be divided according to gender, and therefore created a new collection of children’s clothes that will suit both boys and girls. And even those who have not yet decided.

In a wonderful ad for a gender-neutral collection of clothes, Celine Dion says that our children are not really ours, because all of us are only a link in an endless chain of evolution, then secretly penetrate the maternity hospital and do something with other people’s children, for which logically goes to the police

The collection is a Canadian singer released together with the brand NUNUNU, it has sweatshirts, pants and t-shirts designed for children and teenagers from 0 to 14 years. The cost of most things – about $ 65, and the most expensive thing – a leather jacket – will cost $ 290.