Fans of “Harry Potter” love not only the characters of this fantastic universe, but also the creator of Potteriana, JK Rowling – and it is worth noting that this feeling is mutual. Before the premiere of “Fantastic Beasts 2” in cinemas, the writer admitted that if it were not for the fans of “Harry Potter”, “Fantastic Beasts” might not have happened at all.

The numerous Harry Potter fandom was influential even when the current “communication channels” with celebrities did not exist at all – even when there was no Instagram or Twitter, the Harry Potter fans managed to keep in touch with Joan Rowling and express their appreciation to her. It was this hot response to the writer’s stories about the wizard boy that finally inspired her to write a prequel.

“For me, of course, this fandom is the most wonderful in the world. Their loyalty to these stories and their passion is, in fact, the reason why I decided to return. I don’t think that without this fandom and his support, I would even decide to create a script for these films.”

Recall, the franchise “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”, which is technically a prequel of “Harry Potter”, is designed for 5 films, the second of which, “Crime Green de Wald”, started at the box office in November 15, 2018