Celine Dion confided about her twins Eddy and Nelson, in an interview with People. Despite their twinness, the two boys, aged eight, are very different, as their famous mother reveals.
When she does not ignite the scene of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Celine Dion benefits as much as possible from her three children. Special moments that the Canadian superstar loves to share on his Instagram account. On October 23, she had sent a tender message to her twins Eddy and Nelson , who were celebrating their eighth birthday. ” My dear boys, you are eight years old today and you make me proud every day. I love you with all my heart and I wish you a very happy birthday! She had written in a caption of an adorable cliché of family.

In an interview with the People site, Celine Dion reveals that these moments spent in the presence of her boys are the best. ”  The best part of my day is when I’m with my kids,  ” she says. They do not cease to surprise on a daily basis, especially the youngest of them. ”  Even though they are twins, they are very different. If one of them likes to wear a t-shirt, the other will want to wear something completely different. They are looking for their individuality. It’s important for their emotional growth. ”

 And if Celine Dion cites such an example, it’s not for nothing. A few days ago, the singer announced the launch of her first line of ready-to-wear for children, in partnership the Nununu brand. ” Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothing, ” reads the website dedicated to this collaboration. A good way to advocate self-expression and freedom.