The model says that in her family in England she had a very conservative upbringing, and felt “ashamed” of herself.

Cara Delevingne revealed that when she was a child, she thought homosexuality was a disease, as she had a very conservative upbringing, and came to feel ashamed of herself.

“Honestly, during that stage of my life I thought that being gay was a mental illness. I thought I was sick that there was something strange and wrong with me for being different, I could not deal with the depression that this entails, “he confessed in the postcast ‘Make It Reign’.

Cara Delevingne recalls that it was not easy for her to accept her sexuality, which led her, in addition to depression, led her to addictions: “The journey I have had has been too long, I have been fighting all this since I was a child. And I think it all comes from trauma and addictions that have also manifested in my family. There are so many reasons that led me to shut my mouth instead of saying, ‘I’m sick, I need help’

But for the model and actress that nightmare is a thing of the past, and now she fully lives her sexuality without fear and valuing herself, eliminating the insecurities with which she grew up.