The problems with Johnny Depp could be affecting the films in which Heard participates, since the actor is “much loved”.

Amber Heard did not receive good reviews for her new film “Gully,” which also failed in its theatrical release.

The film had participated in the Tribeca Festival in 2019, and its premiere at the box office was delayed due to the pandemic. It was finally released and it literally flopped at gross, reaching just $ 36 million.

It is claimed that his problems with Johnny Depp did not help people to attend to see Amber’s film, as they are furious at the accusations of the actress to Depp, whom he accuses of domestic violence when they were a couple.

Johnny Depp fans also promote the boycott of the soon-to-be released film ‘Aquaman2’, in which Amber Heard participates, and describe it as ‘abusive and liar’, and that its only objective is to affect and discredit the actor.

See the trailer for the film Gully: