Cab driver offer clues in investigation of Brussels attack

According to the image received from Surveillance of Brussels airport the man pulling the luggage cart through the airport wearing light colored cloths and wearing hat is at large and police is making raids to hunt down the suspect.

This is the only key evidence Brussels authorities looking after the horrific terror attack of Brussels airport and another at metro station in the Belgian capital which killed 30 and injured 230 people.


Although ISIS had already claimed the responsibility for these terror attack but according to the Belgian authorities it is too early to for sure that the claiming group is behind the attacks.

Till now only the photos of three men have been released by the police saying that these are the suspect tied to these attacks.

Two men clothed in black jacket are believed to be suicide bombers who died during the explosions and the departure lounge of airport. Butt according to police the wearing light colored clothed third person left the air port after planting the bomb which didn’t explode.

Currently he is the most wanted person in Europe.


Brussels Terror Attacks