Some artists forget the lyrics of their songs, but Britney Spears , she totally forgot where she was Sunday. Yet she was performing on the sidelines of Brighton Pride , one of the most important and popular events in the LGBTQ community .


As can be heard on the video posted by a member of the public, we can hear Britney Spears ask her dancer, “Where are we? “. Having got the answer, she could scream in the microphone: “What’s up Brighton Pride? “.


This oversight is even more embarrassing as his Twitter account, he has not forgotten at all where she sang Sunday to promote its latest fragrance, Prerogative, it has since cleared. “I loved seeing so many people celebrate diversity and inclusion at Pride in England. Having the freedom to be what you want to be is very important, that’s why I created Prerogative, a fragrance for EVERYONE !! You can buy it exclusively at Boots, “reads the Huffington Post .

A comment that was not at all liked by some members of the LGBTQ community.


“Is it appropriate to use Pride as a platform for profit? Unless all the benefits go to an LGBT + charity, I do not think so. The Stonewall protests did not happen to help Britney Spears sell her water, “said the user.