Having received Russian citizenship in 2016, American actor Steven Seagal has become an emissary of the Russian Foreign Ministry, responsible for humanitarian ties with the United States, Moscow announced Saturday.

“Steven Seagal has been appointed Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, responsible for Russian-American humanitarian ties,” Russian diplomacy said on its official Facebook page. His task is to “assist the development of Russian-American relations in the humanitarian field, including cooperation in the field of culture and art,” the source said.

Relations between Moscow and Washington at the lowest

This is a post resembling that of “UN Goodwill Ambassador” and that “does not provide for remuneration,” said Russian diplomacy. 

The announcement comes as relations between Moscow and Washington, at the lowest since the end of the Cold War, are particularly sealed by persistent differences over the conflict in Syria, Ukraine or accusations of Russian interference in the conflict. US presidential election of 2016, accusations that Russia rejects. 

A former Hollywood movie star and Michigan-based aikido specialist, Steven Seagal, 66, was granted Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin in November 2016.

The post of Russian diplomacy on Facebook: