The convoy of The CW, which had been unexpectedly overwhelmed several years ago, where the series of Arrowverz runs, has not lost Matt Ryan’s enthusiastic favorite demo hunter, after making a few guest appearances to become a permanent player in the forthcoming fourth season of tomorrow’s legends, they also launched an animated series at Constantine: City of Demons – instead of the split-format format, the filmmakers decided to create an adult movie for adults under the same title.  

The film was directed by Doug Murphy (Scooby-Doo and the Gourmet Ghost) by JM DeMatteis (Batman: The Blasphemy), featuring David S. Goyer and Greg Berlanti. In R-rated ninety-minute animation, Matt Ryan plays the title actor, of course.

The first five episodes of City of Demons have already appeared in CW Seed’s offer, and they will be the first third of the film, followed by a whole hour of brand-new material, the creators promise blood and brutality a little bit ignored. For home entertainment, there’s extra content, such as a shot of the movie WonderCon 2018 and a video detailing John Constantine’s capabilities.

The film will be available on the 9th of October in discs and digitally downloadable formats in the United States, and as long as we’re looking at the details of home-making, check out the first fan: