Now that she has partially lost custody of her sons, Britney Spears (37) is seriously worried. That is why she spoiled herself with a new hair color, which she proudly showed on Instagram. In the meantime, dad Jamie went to court to stop his legal authority over the singer. 

Britney Spears proudly showed its new coupe on Instagram. What is particularly striking is that the singer has colored her characteristic blonde locks in a darker shade. “The same faces, the same dress, new hair,” she wrote with a few photos showing her new hair color. “My sister inspired me to go dark.” With that she refers to sister Jamie-Lynn, who also went a bit darker a few weeks ago. Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was very satisfied with the change: “Blond or black, you’re beautiful,” he wrote. 

It is a nice moment of relaxation for Britney, who has not had it easy lately. The singer received a new guardianship arrangement for her children, which means she will not see them as often. The reason for this is that her father, Jamie, allegedly mistreated her oldest son Sean. Now Jamie also went to court to stop his legal authority over the singer. TMZ reports this on the basis of legal documents. Jamie wants to relinquish responsibility for “personal health reasons”. Pa Spears has nominated Britney’s manager as his temporary replacement. The singer came under the supervision of her father in 2009 after a mental breakdown in which she shaved her head, among other things. Since then she is no longer allowed to make major personal and financial decisions without her dad’s permission. Jamie has been struggling with his health for almost a year, but it is not clear what exactly he is struggling with. Earlier this year, Britney canceled shows to assist her father, and her stay in a clinic that followed would have been triggered by the difficulty she had with his illness. It is not clear whether Jamie’s move is related to his grandson’s allegation of abuse.