Insiders and anonymous sources at Kensington Palace insist that Prince Harry’s wife does not obey the royal family’s principles, and this time she spoke about her intentions to return to her acting career.

Although the fact that for the sake of marriage Meghan Markle just abandoned this career, she does not seem to be confused. The Sun writes that Megan has maintained contact with her team from Hollywood: it consists of a personal agent Nick Collins, lawyer Rick Genow and manager Andrew Meyer. It is reported that Megan is now discussing with them the publication and sale of a children’s book of his essay, which is already supposedly completely ready for publication and “will become a hit.” This is very alarmed in the palace, since such negotiations are not conducted by members of the royal family, but exclusively by their assistants. They are also worried that Megan is telling her team more information than the palace staff.


Collins, Genou and Meyer have been advising and helping Megan for many years, almost from the very beginning of her acting career. She wants to surround herself with her people. Collins, for example, filters offers and the most interesting ones are transmitted personally by Megan. This team plays a big role in its ongoing projects,

– said an anonymous source close to the duchess.

Recall, this week it became known that Meghan Markle hired an anti-crisis PR agency from the United States to restore her reputation.