An impressive ten-year-old teenager and juvenile, the Smallville series, in 2011, ended the life of Clark, who grew up at Kent Farm, who finally fulfilled his fate and wore the iconic red robe.¬†We haven’t seen Tom Welling play Superman since the tearful farewell, though in an episode of Arrowverse crossover, featured in last year’s superheroes, the creators saluted the well-known music band Remy Zero on Smallville Farm.

But now, after rumored rumors, they have officially confirmed that the situation will certainly change this year: five episodes of The CW Channel (Green Archer, Flash – Lightning, Supergirl, Tomorrow’s Legends and the Batwoman) will feature Tom Welling again as one, if not the most famous superhero in DC and the world.

So Welling will be the highly anticipated third Superman alongside Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh, who, although playing Atom in Tomorrow’s Legends, is now back in the role of Clark Kent (once playing the superhero in Superman Returns in 2006). Marc Guggenheim, superintendent of The CW’s superhero universe  , is excited to finally be able to do this, saying that this year’s closing Green Rider has been riding Smallville’s success for eight years, and they wouldn’t be anywhere without the series.