Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to President Trump at the White House. Both Facebook and Trump call it “a good conversation”. Zuckerberg spoke with some critical senators about Facebook’s privacy policy.

A Facebook spokesperson says that Zuckerberg “had a good, constructive encounter” with Trump. Nothing has been said about the content of the conversation.

Zuckerberg also spoke with some senators in Washington who criticize the company’s privacy policy. Congress talks about legislation to give tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple fewer opportunities to collect personal data from users and make money from it.

Facebook talks a lot, but I want to see action.Republican Senator Josh Hawley after meeting Mark Zuckerberg

During one of the meetings, Republican Senator Hawley challenged the Facebook CEO: sales services such as WhatsApp and Instagram to prove that you take customer privacy seriously.

“The company talks a lot, but I want to see action,” Hawley said after the meeting. “I believe Facebook as soon as I see that something is really changing.” According to Hawley, Zuckerberg “didn’t think it was a fantastic idea”. A Facebook spokesperson did not want to comment on this.

Trump is also often critical of social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, who, according to him, censors religious and conservative opinions, such as anti-abortion messages.

It was the first open visit to Washington of Zuckerberg since he testified before Congress in the spring on issues such as privacy and influencing elections.