With only 17 years, Billie Eilish has become one of the great artists of the year. Thanks to his album When we all fall asleep, where do we go? which came out last March, has won the favor of critics and the public. And it doesn’t surprise us! In fact, it is one of the Grammy 2020 favorites , where it is nominated in several categories, including best song of the year and disco of the year.

Well, this Thursday, December 5, has surprised his followers and followers with a surprise: a new video clip! This time the teenager has opted for her theme Xanny . This is the song that talks about the effect of the drug Xanax and in whose video clip you can see the effects it causes.

In the images we see Billie, totally dressed in white, sitting on a bench. While singing, hands appear with cigarettes that burn his face. She has no pain. It is a critique of Xanax and the effect it produces when you are depressed and feel absolutely nothing.

And who has directed the video clip? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Billie herself. The artist, who has many talents, wanted to put on the director’s baton. For this he has opted for the same aesthetic as When The Party Is Over and You Should See Me in a Crown : plain background colors and planes that approach and move away.

In addition, the artist is in luck, this week, Billie has been the big winner of the first Apple Music Awards, being crowned as the artist of the year. He has also received the award for best composer with his brother Finneas. Come on, it hasn’t stopped. Without a doubt, Billie has a very promising present and future.