John Rambo is preparing for an epic return next year. Caution, spoilers!

So far, we did not know much about the latest, probably the last Rambo film (which has been spotted for a while in  Spain and Bulgaria), since we have just received a photo of the character’s appearance since the work was done and a casting news  . Until now, as it seems that the story of the film has been added to the Internet before long. You can read this below, but everyone should do so at your own risk, as there is a strong spoiler description.

According to the leaked story,  the 70-year-old Vietnam veteran, John Rambo, has been on a ranch for a long time in a peaceful Arizona farm, but has suffered from post-traumatic stress in many war-related and past shocks, which is why he needs continuous care. But one day, Maria cares for her terrible news: her two daughters, 29-year-old Carment Delgado (Paz Vega) and 8-year-old Melissa were kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels. Carmen managed to escape, but her little sister was captured.

Rambo will, of course, immediately unload the weapon from the angle and set off to eliminate himself with the cartel, but will not get into the action. It takes three weeks to get the seriously wounded Rambourous, who, as a result, understands that he is not going to fight bad guys so long as a single-armed army, so he starts with the second run to kill the kidnapping band with Carmen.

The Rambo: Last Blood sometime in  the fall of 2019 will arrive in theaters Adrian Grunberg (Get the Gringo) directed, and Matthew Cirulnick (forgetting Harlem story) and Stallone himself is responsible for the screenplay book.