At age 77, he died as the director of the new wave of Italy, The Last Tango in Paris.

If someone puts his head on the film, he or she will fall into Bertolucci’s creations sooner or later, as these have become inevitable pearls over the years. His career began in the 1960s, quite exactly in ’62, when his debut was rendered, The Mash, but his name just before the Revolution two years later. with film became known. Few know about it, but even the highly-acclaimed Volt once co-authored in a Wild West script.

Bertolucci is one of the few Italian directors who could break into Hollywood. The last emperor was an overwhelming success, with the Academy awarding nine Oscars, including his best film. He was the Italian director who started his career with Eva Green (300: The Dawn of the Empire, Sin City: Cry For Him), and even the most scandalous film in the ’70s, The Last Tango in Paris further strengthened Marlon Brando’s popularity.

With a ten-year-old unsuccessful surgery, Bertolucci’s wheelchair, his latest film, 2012 Me and Te. he could only create the work with great difficulty. Finally, he died in the dawn on Monday morning, his relatives confirmed him. 

Rest in peace!